Saturday, January 30, 2010

Hannah to Haiti

Hannah has been planning her spring break week for a good while now. Last year, Hannah and her good friend, Leslie, went to Florida together for spring break. This year, Leslie is attending college in Hawaii. So, the spring break plan for this year was for Hannah to fly to Hawaii and spend the week with Leslie. Hawaii!! Wow!! I have been feeling so excited for Hannah to be able to spend her spring break week in such a glorious place! How often do you have a friend living in Hawaii and have an apartment to live in for a week? Hannah worked at Belk over Christmas break to earn the money to buy her airline ticket. The plans were made, the airline ticket was almost purchased, and Hannah was getting geared up for a wonderful week!

Then, the earthquake happened in Haiti. Obviously, devastating!!

Hannah came to me and said, "mom, instead of going to Hawaii, I want to go to Haiti and spend the week doing what I can to help the people there." I said, "seriously, Hannah?" But, I know Hannah has a heart for mission work and she has a genuine desire to help other people. So, I am really not surprised that this is how she wants to spend her spring break. She spoke to Leslie about her change of plans, and of course, Leslie is excited about her trip to Haiti as well.

Hannah has formed a group on facebook, so please join her group!

A few people have asked me if I am not worried because it seems really dangerous in Haiti right now. But, I have to trust that God will show His favor and protect this group that will be ministering to hurting people in His name. And, I know that Hannah is doing something she loves and desires to do.

So, off to Haiti she will go!

Hannah finished her fall semester at Georgia State by making her usual ho-hum straight A's. And, she has some really exciting things coming up this semester! She is now planning a month to study abroad in Argentina! I am sure I will be posting blogs about that!

Hannah is majoring in sports marketing, and she will be starting an internship this week with the Gwinnett Gladiators! She will be working the rest of the home games, so if anyone goes to support the Gladiators, look for Hannah!

Hannah has also been volunteering her time with the DECA club at Grayson High School. She just chaperoned a retreat this past weekend, and she was a judge this week for the regional DECA competition. DECA was a very important part of Hannah's high school experience as she went to National competition her senior year.

Hannah is an amazing young lady, and I am so proud of her! Please keep her in your prayers for her trip to Haiti from March 6-12th.


Cindy said...

I am very impressed that Hannah is giving up her trip to Hawaii to go to Haiti. She has a servant's heart and will be a blessing to the people of Haiti.

She will be in my prayers.

Leah @ Point Ministries said...

What a precious heart your Hannah has!! Please do let us know when she leaves so we can be praying for her...and for you. Hope you are doing well.


SocHan99 said...

You're so sweet for posting that blog, Mommy! :) I love you!