Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

What a great family-filled weekend! 

Haley and Austin arrived Friday night. It was decided that we would all head to the movies. So, Haley, Austin, Hannah, Eric, Hadrian, Kyle, and Mom (notice I was the odd man out here . . lol) head to the theater for a 10:30 movie.  We watched The Hangover, Part II.  My personal opinion is that the rating should be R for Raunchy.  Enough said.   : )

Saturday morning, Haley and Hadrian went to the nail salon for mani's and pedi's. So, I tagged along.  I had planned to just get a manicure, but Haley insisted that I get a pedicure.  She said that it was just wrong that I am almost 50 years old and have NEVER (yes, never)  experienced a pedicure.  And, just for the record, I have been to the nail salon many times, but it has always been to take my girls for pampering sessions.  So, this time, I actually participated in the fun.  Haley said I MUST get the Deluxe pedicure because it is just SO worth it. So, Haley, Hadrian, and I were lined up side by side in chairs getting our feet done.  And, I must admit that I now know what bliss truly means.  It was wonderful!   I am hooked!

I HATE my feet (Hadrian calls them little Chinese feet), so I can't believe I am actually showing a picture of them.  But, this was such a special occasion . . . my FIRST pedicure EVER!! 

Saturday night, Hadrian graduated from high school!!  YAY!!  I will devote a full blog to this joyous occasion VERY soon!!  So, Saturday night was another late night with us not getting home from graduation until about midnight.

Sunday morning, we all got up, got ready, and took off to Blairsville. My mom had made lunch reservations at Brothers Restaurant in Young Harris for our entire family.  So, we all gathered at Brothers for a family meal. It was yummy!!  And, we had a cake to celebrate all three of our family graduates.  Our family was blessed to have three graduates for the spring of 2011!

My sister, Joy, received her doctorate degree from Lincoln Memorial University.
Hannah graduated from Georgia State University.
Hadrian graduated from Grayson High School.

After having lunch at Brother's, we all arrived at Union General Hospital to visit my dad.  He has been sick for the past couple of years, but he is now in the hospital with pneumonia.  So, he received a special visit from his entire family!  How special . . . lol.  : )   It was quite the scene with 14 of us getting on the elevator at once, and all traipsing down the hospital hallway to my dad's room.

In the photo:  Joy's family . . . Gary, Joy, Sarah, Adam, Alaina, Daniel, and Stevie
Becky' family . . . Me, Haley, Austin, Hannah, and Hadrian
The fourteenth visitor was Hadrian's boyfriend, Kyle, so we had him operating the cameras to take pictures of this momentous occasion. It is seriously rare these days that we get every member of our family together at one time.  This was truly a special day.

We spent the night in Blairsville last night, and came back home today.  Haley and Austin left to go back home to Warner Robins, Hannah went back to her home for the summer, and Hadrian went out for another graduation celebration.  So, Mom took a nap . . .  : ) 

What a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!!