Saturday, July 2, 2011

Graduation from Gwinnett County Public Schools

May 28 was a BIG day!  The baby daughter, Hadrian, graduated from Grayson High School!  My kid who hated school the very worst of the three . . . has finally made it!  Hadrian finished her thirteen years of torture by graduating with her classmates at the Gwinnett Arena.
Hadrian - Ready and Waiting

Grayson High School Class of 2011
Hadrian was one of 8,921 graduates who graduated from Gwinnett County Public Schools this year

Enjoying the Ceremony

The ceremony apparently became boring in a hurry.  Is there any wonder Hadrian was nominated for the senior superlative for the "Student Most Likely to Fall Asleep During Class?"  She didn't win this prestigious title, by the way.  She instead won the "Worst Case of Senioritis" award.

Time to Get the Diploma - Yay!!  (Apparently, someone woke her up for this part . . . Lol)

Hadrian had to stop and chat with Mr. Gilbert while waiting for her diploma.  Mr. Gilbert has been the assigned counselor to all three of my girls during high school.  He has had a Plott girl in his care for the past ten years . . . bless his heart.  I think I saw him doing the happy dance after Hadrian walked across the stage . . Lol.  I told him that his job just became a whole lot easier!  :)

Yippee!!  The Tossing of the Caps!!

 Celebrating After the Ceremony
Haley, Hadrian, Mom, and Hannah

I felt like I should be celebrating as well!  This night marked the end of an era - my stint as the parent of a Gwinnett County Schools student was officially over.  Twenty years of parenting school aged kids is done. My oldest, Haley, enrolled in Kindergarten in 1991 . . . and my youngest, Hadrian, finished in 2011. Thinking back over the past twenty years is mind boggling . . . a blur of PTA meetings, open houses, buying school supplies, school parties, sporting events, sports banquets, carpool lines, endless homework, STRESS, sad times, and happy times.  I chose this school district for my girls, and I feel they received the best education that public schools has to offer.  And, I did my very best to be at every event, be involved, and not miss a minute of it!  While the ending of an era is somewhat sad, what a wonderful sense of accomplishment . . .  WE MADE IT!!  :)

Thank you, Lord!!  Now that I am through living it, maybe I can tackle those storage containers full of pictures and memoirs.  Hopefully I can get these things scrapbooked before twenty more years pass . . . I better get busy!

*A special note of thanks to Bryan's wife, Paula, for sharing her photos - a few of these were used in the blog.