Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Happy 17th Birthday Hadrian!

My third child, yes, my baby daughter, is turning 17 today! Somehow it just doesn't seem possible. She is the kid who jumps in my bed and says she is going to snuggle with her mom tonight! And, I say yay!! And, then she wants to be tickled from head to toe. I love the "tickle my brain" please! She is the kid who sleeps with her cell phone in her hand and I swear, she text messages all through the night. She surely can't be conscious while she is doing this!

There is just never a dull moment with Hadrian. You never know what she will want or do next!

I received this text message from her while she was at school today. Copying exactly:

Pick me up at three thirty. With my kfc clothes. Shirt. Black jacket. Name tag. Hat. Pants. I have my black belt. Socks-ankle. Shoes. Please. Oh, and bring a little towel. Wash cloth.

A little bit later:

Oh, and dry my pants for fifteen minutes.

And, a little bit later:

And, face wash. There's some orange stuff in my bathroom.

I am just shaking my head thinking seriously??!! So, what do I do but gather up everything she needs and am sitting in the parking lot at 3:30!

Or, it is the text that says the foreign exchange student did the funniest thing!

Or, it is the text that says "I hate school. Please check me out!"

Or, I feel sick. Please bring medicine.

And, on and on. All through the day. You just never know what is coming next from her!

But, she brings so much joy and laughter to me! And, her sisters love the little twisted sister to pieces! The baby of the entire family for SO many years, the baby of all the grandchildren, MY baby, is seventeen today! Unbelievable!!

I thank God every day for her! : )


Leah @ Point Ministries said...

Happy Birthday, Hadian. Becky, it seems like we should just now be seventeen. Where did time go!!


Cindy said...

Happy Birthday Hadrian!