Saturday, July 10, 2010

Lucy Lip Ring

Many of you have probably read my blog in the past and know that my youngest, Hadrian, has a "thing" for piercings. I have blogged about our trips to the tattoo parlor before. Well, since that blog, we have made at least two more trips to that wonderful place that fascinates me. It fascinates me because this place is always SO busy! And, just FYI, the Georgia law has recently changed. Any minor has to show their original birth certificate with the seal on it before they are allowed to be serviced. We found this out the hard way when we showed up without it!

The latest piercing that Hadrian just HAD to have was in her lip (which is actually a tiny bit below her lip). She had her belly button pierced a while back. Well, her latest piercing, the lip, took place about a month ago. Things were progressing along like normal, and I had not particularly given this hole in her lip a second thought. Hadrian went to the store and got a new piece of jewelry, and she put it in her lip on Wednesday night. She showed it to me, and asked if I liked it. It was a tiny little diamond - cute enough.

Well, when she woke up yesterday morning, you couldn't see the diamond. The jewelry had disappeared into her lip - no longer to be seen. She and Cory, her boyfriend, tried and tried to get the jewelry out of her lip with no luck. So, I called the tattoo parlor to see if they could take a look at it. Of course, they took a look and did everything they could to get the jewelry out of her lip. No success at the tattoo parlor, either.

So, last night, here we go to Eastside Medical to the emergency room to get this piece of jewelry cut out of her lip. So, I started calling Hadrian "Lucy Lip Ring" when I realized we were definitely in a dilemma! It is better to laugh and make fun of the situation as opposed to crying, I suppose. It was a very proud moment as a mother when I wrote the cause of her visit on the emergency room form - "jewelry stuck in lip." I definitely laughed out loud when I handed over the clipboard at the window. Only Hadrian could get herself into such a predicament.

Seriously, Hadrian felt really badly about causing the trip to the emergency room. It wasn't like we needed to be home packing up to move or anything! ; ) But, she was a brave girl getting the shot in her lip and getting this thing cut out. This was a first for Dr. Jolle in the ER. He had to be amused. After a round of antibiotics, Hadrian should be as good as new!

Again, let me say, only Hadrian. She makes life worth living.

The New Piercing

Hadrian and her boyfriend, Cory

Yes, he has something in his lip, as well!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Summer Update

It has been a really long time since my last blog! Alot of things have happened since then, and I probably will not remember half of it. But, I will do my best to update what the Plott's have been up to! Life has been challenging, but I am hoping for better days very soon!!

My divorce was final on June 28th. I will make no comments about this except that it is over. And, I chose to leave my last name as Plott. It just seems easier since I have kids with the same last name. Let me just say that divorce court is an interesting place. ; )

Hadrian has been a very busy girl hanging out with her friends and her boyfriend. She is back to work part-time at KFC. She has spent a week in Florida, and she has been spending a lot of time at the pool and the lake. And, Hadrian had her senior pictures made at the high school. We only did these so her picture will be in the yearbook, but she will have her "real" senior pictures done soon with the same photographer who did Haley's and Hannah's.

Hannah came home from Argentina and hit the ground running right into summer school. She has proclaimed how hard it is to study in the summer! Hannah is working 2 days a week at the Gwinnett County Schools warehouse. This is either her third or fourth summer working there, and they always work with her schedule. So, between her full load of classes and work, she barely comes up for air.

Haley has been at home this summer looking for jobs. Of course, she was hoping to find a teaching job with Houston County schools, but she just accepted a preschool teaching position today. She was in that proverbial rock and a hard place where she didn't know whether to keep waiting for the teaching position she wanted or to take a job that was offered to her. With the economy and the effect this is having on public school teachers, she decided this may not be a good year to wait around for that teaching position that may never open up. So, now she has committed to the preschool position just to assure that she will have a job. Those student loans are coming due! : ( And, she will still be doing her soccer training/coaching as well. Haley was offered the assistant coaching position for the girls soccer team at a new high school opening this fall! So, she will be going in a million directions this next year!

I just finished up a typing class at Central Gwinnett. This is a community school class which I have been teaching for about 25 years now. I am off this week, and we start another class next week. My youth class had the sweetest kids ever! They made me really miss my kids being that age.

The most difficult thing I am dealing with right now is the fact that I have to move again. We moved into this rental house last May/June, and we were told we could stay here until Hadrian graduates from high school. So, we should have been set. Well, I just got notification that the builder who we are renting our house from has given the house back to the bank. So, I am dealing with another foreclosure. Two in two years!

Bryan and I went to court this morning (another very interesting day), and I have until next weekend to pack up and move my entire house. They will give me $500 if we get out by next Friday night. The house will be auctioned on Monday, July 19th, and they want the weekend to get it ready for people to look at. They are holding the auction right here in the neighborhood. There are only 16 houses in this neighborhood, and 8 of the houses became rental properties when the builder couldn't sell them. All eight houses will be auctioned, so there are eight families scrambling for other housing options. Ugh!! So, starting tonight, I will be packing like a maniac. Nine days to move everything. Can I do this? Hmmmmmm.

On a more fun note, the girls and I have really enjoyed watching the World Cup this summer! And, the girls and I went to Blairsville for the 4th of July weekend. We had wonderful family time! The annual picnic was fantastic and fun!!

At Babelle and Pa's house
4th of July Weekend