Sunday, February 28, 2010

From Plott to Walker

Big News from the Plott House!!!

HALEY IS GETTING MARRIED . . . . . . . . . ON FRIDAY NIGHT! You may ask why have I not shared this wonderful news before now? Well, it is because I have only known this piece of wonderful news for a really short time! I received a call from Haley, and she told me she had really big news. She and Austin were getting married . . . in 16 days! After I picked myself up off the floor, she proceeded to tell me they were getting married at the church, with their pastor, with only family in attendance. They are having a real wedding, complete with wedding attire, bouquets, unity candle, photographer, etc. and the only people who will be there will be her dad and I. Austin's parents will be there along with his brother. And, Haley's true friend, the magnificent Michelle, will be there as a friend and as the wedding helper!

Haley and Austin seem really excited. They had already planned a trip to Las Vegas the following week for spring break, so now the Vegas vacation will actually be a honeymoon. I thought it would be a fun idea for them to just get married in Vegas, but that idea was vetoed (ha). They didn't want a Vegas wedding, so they are getting married the Friday night before they leave on Saturday. Haley has soccer teams to coach on Saturday before they can actually leave. They are fitting this in around all of their regular commitments. Hannah will not be able to be there because she will be flying out to Haiti early Saturday morning, and Hadrian has a big high school soccer game on Friday night. So, even Haley's sisters cannot be there!

There will be pictures and a videotape of the "I do's." So, I will post some things as soon as I can after the big moment!

There are reasons that the wedding is happening this way, and they all make perfect sense. In fact, I think Haley and Austin have come up with the absolute perfect wedding plan! Without disclosing the situations that have led to this (Haley can share if she wants to), I must say that Haley and I have talked about how we are really at peace with doing the wedding this way. It is not what either of us had envisioned for her wedding day, but we know it is the right thing to do at this point in time. Haley and Austin will celebrate with friends at a later date.

So, I am the mother of the bride. My firstborn child is marrying. And, I know she has found the right mate. If I could handpick Haley's husband, Austin would be it. He is truly her completer and has the qualities I feel she needs for balance in her life. So, what a true blessing it is to feel good about the decisions Haley is making! I couldn't be happier for these two kids!!

So, Friday night, I will be in Warner Robbins at my daughter's wedding! This still just hasn't quite sunk in yet. But, let me just say, that this has been the most stress-free wedding I could have ever imagined. I can just show up and savor the moment. How truly cool is that!??!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

State Competition

Hadrian is heading downtown Atlanta tomorrow for the State DECA competition. She and her group will be presenting their marketing plan for a local restaurant in Grayson. This is a fantastic accomplishment to make it to the state level! Hadrian is following in Hannah's footsteps. Hannah made it to the state level and then advanced to the national competition when she was in high school.

Grayson High School has an amazing marketing program under the direction of Mr. Bob O'Keefe. Hannah took sports marketing in high school which got her involved in DECA. Through DECA, Hannah gained valuable marketing and business skills along with leadership and community service. Now, a few years later, Hannah has gone back to her sports marketing roots and has decided for this to be her major in college. I have mentioned before that Hannah is doing an internship now for the Gwinnett Gladiators and is loving it! She is now getting to drive the big Zamboni and shooting tee shirts to the fans! I want to do that!! How cool!

Well, Hannah has never left the Grayson DECA program. Even after she graduated from high school, she still volunteers with this group. She helps the kids prepare/tweak their presentations for competitions. And, she was recently a judge at the County DECA competition. Mr. O'Keefe asked Hannah to travel to the state competition tomorrow and help out. After re-arranging her schedule, Hannah will be there! She will coach the kids on things they must do to impress the judges! Being that Hadrian is in the competition, I am glad Hannah will be there. Hannah will make sure Hadrian is focused and doesn't miss her presentation time. lol

Hadrian is taking fashion marketing this year at school. Her power point/marketing presentation was picked to be the "one" to show each day at school advertising Prom Faire. Prom Faire is a group that sells prom dresses. I am so proud of Hadrian on this wonderful accomplishment! : ) Very impressive!

Anyway, I wish Hadrian and Hannah the best of luck tomorrow at the State DECA competition! Getting past the nerves is half the battle! It is a very scary thing stepping on that stage with a panel full of judges staring you down! So, I will be praying for Hadrian to remain calm so she can do her thing! And, it is a good thing I won't be there. I would be too nervous to watch!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Happy 17th Birthday Hadrian!

My third child, yes, my baby daughter, is turning 17 today! Somehow it just doesn't seem possible. She is the kid who jumps in my bed and says she is going to snuggle with her mom tonight! And, I say yay!! And, then she wants to be tickled from head to toe. I love the "tickle my brain" please! She is the kid who sleeps with her cell phone in her hand and I swear, she text messages all through the night. She surely can't be conscious while she is doing this!

There is just never a dull moment with Hadrian. You never know what she will want or do next!

I received this text message from her while she was at school today. Copying exactly:

Pick me up at three thirty. With my kfc clothes. Shirt. Black jacket. Name tag. Hat. Pants. I have my black belt. Socks-ankle. Shoes. Please. Oh, and bring a little towel. Wash cloth.

A little bit later:

Oh, and dry my pants for fifteen minutes.

And, a little bit later:

And, face wash. There's some orange stuff in my bathroom.

I am just shaking my head thinking seriously??!! So, what do I do but gather up everything she needs and am sitting in the parking lot at 3:30!

Or, it is the text that says the foreign exchange student did the funniest thing!

Or, it is the text that says "I hate school. Please check me out!"

Or, I feel sick. Please bring medicine.

And, on and on. All through the day. You just never know what is coming next from her!

But, she brings so much joy and laughter to me! And, her sisters love the little twisted sister to pieces! The baby of the entire family for SO many years, the baby of all the grandchildren, MY baby, is seventeen today! Unbelievable!!

I thank God every day for her! : )