Tuesday, September 8, 2009

My Little Family

I have always enjoyed seeing little people stuck on vehicle windows which represent the family that owns the car. Apparently, I oohed and aahed so much over these little people, that my girls picked up the hint and surprised me with a set this past Christmas. I was SO excited when I saw them! I couldn't wait to put them on my van!

You can see that the Daddy has tools and is wearing a tool belt (just like our daddy), and the Mommy is carrying a shopping bag (which is something this mommy loves to do!), the first girl child is holding an apple and a book which represents a teacher (Haley is majoring in education), the second girl is wearing a whistle which represents coaching and refereeing (Hannah does both), and the third girl is dressed like a soccer player (Hadrian is actively playing soccer), and then the sweet little cat represents our family pet, Scooter.

Well, this past weekend, our van was at Disney World in Orlando. We had to laugh at how amused people were with our little family. No matter where we went, foreign people would walk by our van and carry on conversations while pointing and looking at us. (By us, I mean our family stuck on the car). Of course, we had no idea what they were saying, but it was obvious they were chatting about our little family. The entire weekend, people were continually talking about us! Have people never seen these before? I am not sure what was so amusing, but it became amusing to us that people were so amused! I felt like we had a marked car!

One day, Hadrian and I were literally run down by a car at a redlight in Snellville. This lady was frantically yelling and waving at us! I finally rolled down my window only to find out that she wanted to know where we found our little people! Good grief! I thought something was terribly wrong for her to be so determined to get our attention! Well, we yelled at her that they were purchased "on line" just as the light changed and we all had to take off. Hadrian and I got a kick out of that.

Well, I love my little family stuck on my car. So, if you see us driving down the road, just honk and wave! We may not realize who you are, but we will realize that you know who we are by our little family stuck on our car! : )

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Task at Hand

Wow, it has been over 5 months since my last blog! I just haven't felt like posting nor have I had much to say. I have been very focused on the task at hand. For the past months, I have been cleaning out about twenty years of clutter and memories. It is amazing how much stuff we have collected between Bryan, me, three girls, and our various pets. I think that I was so busy with family activities through the years, that I just didn't deal with things when I should have. I would put if off by sticking things in the attic or the basement until a better day came along to deal with it! Well, I have had 4+ months to clean out my home. I have gone through everything. I have taken loads to Goodwill, I have sold things, and I have thrown away a boat load of stuff. And, I have accumulated a trailer load of things to have a gigantic yard sale! Several loads of treasures have gone to that special storage unit in Blairsville called "mom and dad's house."

All the while I have been cleaning out our house, Bryan has had a business to clean out. He has taken an unbelievable number of "loads" to Blairsville to store at his mother's house and his own very special storage unit called "Mike's Barn." Bryan's family has worked their tails off helping him clean out the shop and move truckloads of equipment. Well, after nonstop work by the both of us, we are finally "officially" moved. Bryan is done with the business, and I am done with the house. We walked through our completely empty house late yesterday afternoon, and I must say that it was sad. I am so relieved that the moving is finally over - the chore has been an overwhelming process! But, the emotions have hit me over the past few days. All I have to do is think about my house, and the tears flow. I have been consumed with sadness.

While people tell me that a house is just a house, I am well aware that a house is simply a "thing." I know that I shouldn't worry about such trivial things in life. But, this house was my home. Bryan and I bought the spot for our house and held the property for several years before we ever started building "our" house. This gave us plenty of time to dream about it, have house plans drawn, and anticipate the day we could finally start building. Well, that day finally came, and Bryan worked during the day, and built the house at night and on the weekends. It was a whole family project. Everyone was involved. Bryan's sister, Lisa, laid our tile. She and Coot came down and helped us. Bryan's mother helped in so many ways, but her main contribution was our landscaping. She landscaped our yard, and it honestly looked like it should have been photographed for Southern Living magazine. My family helped out in too many ways to count. What amazing support we had! The house has been touched by everyone in our families! And, I couldn't go into any room without seeing Bryan's special touches. He built all of the windows to put into the house he built. I loved our house - it was perfect and it was in the perfect neighborhood. Even our home address was perfect! Our house number was 410 - the same as Bryan's birthday (4/10/60).

Well, as you read in my last post, our hut has been on fire - the business loss and ultimately the loss of our home. I have tried to stay positive and keep smiling over the past year when things ultimately "hit" the fan. God has a plan. If nothing else, I have learned how incredibly blessed I am. I knew it, but now, I REALLY know it!

I have a sister who knocked on my door and handed one of my kids an envelope with money in it. Joy has no idea that I literally did not know how we were going to eat that week. Or, I get to WalMart and find a hundred dollar bill in my purse - just after I visited her house. Joy's husband, Gary, has kept our cars running for us - saving us hundreds of dollars in repairs. My dear mother has spent entire Sunday's cooking fried chicken, baking cakes, and everything else imaginable. She would send it to us so that we would be fed for days. (And fed deliciously, I might add!) And, she just has a knack for knowing when I need grocery money. She goes without things so that my family is taken care of. And, my poor dad, from his hospital bed at home, will always hand me money just so I have a "little" running money in my purse. And, how amazing is it that my sister and my mom felt the need to fund school clothes for Hadrian. We all know that she is a diva who must be well dressed! Hadrian was really touched that they were concerned about her having new clothes.

Yes, our hut has been on fire. Our home was auctioned off today, but a house is just a thing. The fire has summoned the Grace of God to show us that we have family who loves us and supports us. So, how could I feel any more blessed?