Sunday, January 18, 2009

Addition to One Brave Chick

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One Brave Chick

I want to share about a blog that I am following. I added the blog to my list if anyone is interested in checking it out. The author of this blog is definitely "one brave chick!"

I can't even remember how I first learned of the Schultz family. But, I have followed this mom for several years on her Caring Bridge website. As I told you before, I follow/have followed several kids over the years on Caring Bridge sites. Well, mom Katie Schultz, has had to live through more than most of us could bear. Katie has buried two beautiful baby daughters! She has mothered through two illnesses that ultimately took two of her precious children.

Katie is a wonderful writer who has shared the ups and downs of her journey. I have always enjoyed reading her posts! Katie has now founded an organization called "One Brave Chick" with two of her friends who are also very brave chicks.

Truly inspiring!!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Weary and Exhausted

This is the second weekend in a row that I have hardly been able to get out of bed. My Crohn's Disease is doing a number on me right now. It frustrates me but there is not a lot I can do about it. I have to remind myself sometimes that this is normal for me. When I am feeling really down and out, I usually go to some websites and read about others with Crohn's. It just reaffirms that I am not losing my mind and others are experiencing the same thing.


Your Crohn's Disease Will Combine With Stress to Give You Fatigue

When you combine Crohn's Disease and stress, you get periods of fatigue. All of us with the disease go through it. It is a very important issue in our lives. People with Crohn's Disease often feel a weariness and an exhaustion, especially when we have a flare up. But even when we don’t have a flare up, our body is still fighting a war against the disease. It is in combat and that combat takes a lot of energy.

Well, it is taking a lot of energy alright! I have slept most of the weekend. And, not by choice. My joints hurt, my stomach hurts, and I can't stop the chills. Ugh!

I really want to be up doing things. Hadrian has wanted to go to the mall all weekend. But, she has totally given up on me! : ( The whole weekend has pretty much been a wash.

We are hoping for better days!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Follow Up

Just a follow up to my blog yesterday. I am deeply saddened to tell you that Marin passed away this morning. This girl has amazed and inspired me.

On her website:

Dear Family, Friends, and all those who love and cherish our little Marin,

Marin passed away this morning. She was asleep, comfortable and finally out of pain. We will all miss her deeply. I will update in a few hours with more details.

It is with all your support that we are able to make it through this. We read Marin every message that was sent and I'm sure she heard all your prayers.

Marin Rose Morrison 6-19-90 through 1-2-09

Nancy, Matt, Camie, and Michael

I will be setting up a non-profit called the Marin Morrison fund. It will be an annual award of heroism along with a scholarship.

Our wishes are to have a service here in Seattle and web-cast it then fly her body down to Southern California to rest on a hill over looking the ocean.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

2009 is finally here!

2009! It is finally here! I think there are a lot of people ready to kiss 2008 goodbye. Our family is hoping 2009 is a year of positive change. We sometimes joked about how the year 2008 couldn't possibly get any worse. But, the realization is that things can always get worse! So, I am trying to focus on the positive things in our lives. And, when I sometimes slip back into my doom and gloom mode, I have to find a way to remind myself of all the blessings I truly have in my life.

I follow some Caring Bridge websites. These are websites of people (mainly kids) who are struggling daily with diseases and are in the fight of their lives. My kids know I always cry when one of these kids passes away. These amazing kids are such heroes. The strength these families show is nothing but miraculous. What could possibly be worse than watching your child suffer? Can you imagine the inner turmoil a parent must feel while watching their child leave this earth? No more suffering means losing your child. This has to be the hardest thing a person could ever live through.

One of the girls that I keep up with is Marin. I learned of her brain tumor several years ago while she was a student at Collins Hill High School. Her family moved to Washington state, but her friends and family keep up with her through her Caring Bridge site. She has suffered from a brain tumor for almost four years now. She was an awesome swimmer, and she actually got to participate in the Special Olympics in China just this past summer. I read this heartbreaking post made by her mother yesterday. Marin's time is almost up. I will copy and paste:

Our dear little Marin is still breathing yet slipping away slowly, hour by hour. Her pain medications have been over doubled in the last two days. She rarely opens her eyes yet when she does, she has looked at me with a lot of uncertainy and seems scared. I started thinking about Marin's journey she has had here on earth and what a glorious trip it has been and will be until the end. I then started thinking about the journey that she will have in heaven. Of course she is feeling scared. No one close to her has ever died. She feels she is going to be alone. I have been telling her about her relatives that have gone on to heaven and how they will be wating to meet her. I'm sure they have a lot of stories for her about when I was a little girl, etc.The best comfort I think I have given her is as always, Marin needs a goal or a job to do. I started thinking about what Marin's job in heaven could be, an the answer is obvious. Marin has always been Camie's guardian angel here on earth. Since Camie was a little girl, Marin looked out for her to make sure she was happy, safe, learning, etc. She always wanted the best for Camie and rejoiced in every accomplishment Camie received. Marin is going to be Camie's "coach" or guardian angel. Just like she has looked out for her here, Marin can guide Camie and coach her through her life journey. I talked with Marin about this and she instantly seemed to have more peace. Now she has her goal and work cut out for her. Marin is probably swimming the final race of her life and, as always, fighting really hard. Her strength is truely amazing, as any Olympian's strength would be.I ask for your prayers once again to give us, including all of you, strength to try to live as Marin has. With awesome strength, courage, hope, happiness, and pride.Happy New Year and remember to love those close to your heart.

My goodness! No problem in my life could ever compare to this! Things in life are that. . . just things. Losing a business, money, house, car, or any other worldly possession can never compare to the loss of a child.

My kids are healthy. Bryan and I are still kicking - which is good at our age. I still have my parents, my sister and her wonderful family, and extended family and friends. So, life is good. I just have to remind myself of that sometimes. I visit the Caring Bridge site about once a week to check in. I can't possibly do this and come away without feeling a little bit more grateful for what I have.

I am praying for Marin's family as they prepare for her journey to heaven.

And, I am praying for a better year for all in 2009.