Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sorghum Goes to College

Hadrian recently got settled into her college dorm room at Georgia Southwestern State University in Americus. She moved in early for soccer preseason. Her roommate is Jordyn, another soccer player, and they are living in a freshman dorm.

Hannah, Hadrian, and I arrived on move-in day with all of the crap that one needs to survive in college.  Hadrian actually had to head to the soccer field for training, so Hannah organized like an organizing maniac, getting Hadrian's room put together.  This is right up Hannah's alley!  Anyone who has ever seen Hannah's closet knows that she is the right person for the mission!  She informed Hadrian . . . . "just so you know, SISTER, I am not doing this because of my love for you, I am doing this because I like to" . . . but let's be honest here . . . she would be horrified if Hadrian's room wasn't put together the way it should be.  Fine by me . . . I was thrilled to relinquish the duty!  I turned Hannah loose to do what Hannah does best . . . organize!

Jordyn's room is on the left.  Hadrian's is on the right.

The finished room . . . we still have a few finishing touches to do . . . like add some posters.  : )

When did a Wii System and a gumball machine get added to the list of things to take to college?  ; )

Hadrian in her room.

Hadrian took her fish, Sorghum, to college with her! Hopefully, the little fishy will survive the move . . . this fish has amazing survival stories.  Hadrian went to the Sorghum Festival in 2009, and won this goldfish.  Yes, I did say 2009. Sorghum is almost two years old. And, he has survived absolutely deplorable fishbowl conditions to amazingly clean fishbowl conditions (see photos) . . . ha ha . . . this is what happens when your owner is a teenager who wavers between taking care of things and not taking care of things.   Sorghum made the trip to college and survived for about 2 days in a styrofoam McDonald's cup before finally landing in his wonderfully clean fish bowl.  He goes everywhere Hadrian goes.  This is his 3rd move in two years.  He is a real trooper!

Sorghum has been forgotten to be fed more times than it could be fishly possible. But, he is still alive . . . and still going strong!  Hadrian's friends never understood why her fish had such a weird name . . . um, Sorghum?!  I guess you must need some past experiences in Blairsville before you understand the name.  : )  It is just interesting to me that kids have never even heard the word.

The bathroom. Sorghum is living on the counter.

Sorghum posing for a photo.  Notice the very amazingly clean fishbowl conditions.  : )

Now, notice the absolutely deplorable fishbowl conditions!  This is how the fish bowl looked just before we left for college.  Sorry, Hadrian . . . I had to sneak a picture.  There is probably one inch of water in the bottom of the bowl and enough fish fungus on the sides to kill anything . . . . except the fish.

So, Hadrian is settled in at college, and Sorghum is settled in, too.  I hope they both adjust well to dorm life.  : ) 

Friday, August 12, 2011

The Final Year

First Day of School Senior Year Fall 2010
Many of you know that my divorce was final at the end of June, 2010.  Well, Hadrian and I moved into Tree Corners Apartments in Grayson  at the end of July in order for her to finish her senior year at Grayson High School.  We knew it was a temporary home, but it served the purpose of a place to be while she finished high school.  And, my focus for the year was getting her through her senior year and getting her off to college.  Then, my work would be done.  Well, I just got Hadrian settled into college, and I am reflecting on my favorite things during the last year that we had together . . .  just the two of us.

One of my favorite memories was when Margeaux was crowned homecoming queen.  This picture is of Margeaux and her dad, Tony.  This family has been very important to Hadrian.  They have been so good to her, treated her like one of their own kids, took her on family vacations, and it was a place she could hang out and feel safe and loved. Hadrian would be at their house when none of them were even home!  I cannot think of a kid more deserving to win homecoming queen than Margeaux Lacavera!  I love this girl!

Hadrian and Margeaux on a snow day!

Hadrian turned 18 in February 2011.  We had dinner at Provino's (of course).  This was her boyfriend,
Kyle, at the time.

Hadrian and I spent the week in Panama City Beach with a large group
of teenagers.  Glad my days of chaperoning spring break trips are done!

One of Hadrian's special memories was senior prom at the Fox Theater. It was a cool
venue to have prom! Oh what a night!  ; )

Locker Decoration Night . . . I now have 3 of these
magnetic keepers!  : )

Senior year was a special year for high school soccer.  Hadrian was captain
of her team.  Here she is in the state playoff game taking care of her official captain duties.

Hadrian had a signing party at the high school.  She signed her letter of intent to play
soccer at Georgia Southwestern State University.  Coach Terry Klinect, her high school soccer
coach, is pictured with Hadrian.

The cake celebrating all of the signing senior girls!

Senior Day for the senior high school soccer players. This is
always a fun time of recognition!

The night before senior day, someone came into our gated apartment
complex and decorated Hadrian's car. She walked out the morning of Senior Day
to find her little car had been painted and papered!  And, yes, this is the
same car that was stolen earlier in the school year (out of our gated apartment
complex . . . so much for that gate!)  . . . a whole different
kind of memory!! 

Hadrian and Mom on Senior Night.  It was really hard to
believe that my last child had just played her last home soccer
game at Grayson High School.  Hadrian was injured, so Coach Klinect
allowed her to be put in for the kickoff so that she could officially play in her last soccer match.

Speaking of the injury, Hadrian injured her foot really badly in the Parkview game.
The trainer thought it was broken, so he wrapped it in something like a temporary cast. 
Dr. Traub said Hadrian was very lucky . . . she barely avoided having to have surgery.
He said a break would have been easier healed than the sprained ligaments on the top of her foot.

Hadrian made it back in 4 weeks to play in Grayson's first state playoff game.
She had to ice her foot at half time. And, then in the second half of this game, she gets
a concussion.  Another senior year memory.  She was one loopey girl after getting her head
hit.  We still laugh about how crazy she acted. Thank goodness she recovered . . . at least,
we think she recovered . . . ha ha.

Atlanta Fire United held a celebration to honor all of the senior players who played
at this club.  Here is Hadrian and her club soccer coach, Craig Peter, who coached
the 93 AFU team during its final year.  Hadrian loved Coach Craig!

Hadrian's senior display at the high school soccer banquet.

Hannah and Hadrian both wore the Number 16
while playing soccer at Grayson.  For 8 straight years, the number 16 was owned by
a Plott.  I personally think it should be retired!  : )

A close up of the poster made for Hadrian by Rick Craine.  Rick is just like a daddy to Hadrian!
He has taken amazing photos for the soccer teams during the years.  I, for one, am in
awe of his dedication to Grayson High School Soccer.

Senior Picnic Day!
Shayna, Devin, and Hadrian
BFF's during senior year!

Hadrian received the award for the senior with the worst case of  "senioritis"
at the Senior Dinner.  I told her I should buy her this tee shirt, but I never did.  Lol.

Hadrian and I attended her baccalaureate service held at Graystone Church.
The ceremony was very nice!

 Graduation night!
Margeaux, Hadrian, and Rachel
Hadrian and Rachel will be going to college together!
Hadrian plays soccer/Rachel plays softball

Rachel and Hadrian at college orientation at Georgia Southwestern.

We just moved out of our apartment after living there for a year.  And, Hadrian is now settled in her dorm room in college.  What a special year . . . a year full of memories! Thank you, Lord, for allowing us to make it through the year! Mission accomplished!