Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Boot Camp Casualty

Many of you know I signed up for "Get In Shape" Boot Camp. I think I told everybody I know simply so I would have some accountability. The more people who knew, the more likely I would be too embarrassed to quit!

Since I am going through a divorce, and the winter has been really rough, I desperately needed to jump start my body and get in shape. Also, I wanted to regain my focus mentally by doing something that would be a challenge. I knew boot camp would require discipline just for me to get out of bed every morning at 4:30! I don't do mornings. ;)

I made it through the first week fine. It was hard, but I made it! Yay! Then came the second week. Well, on Monday, I was running with weights, and I felt something pop in my knee. It seemed to be fine. On Tuesday, we had to do something our trainers called "house of pain." We had to do a lot of sideways and backward stuff. My legs were really hurting after training, and this is the first day I felt like I was crawling back in the house when I got home. Ouch. LOL. I made it through Wednesday fine. Then, Thursday, we ran the whole training session. We had to do suicides, and my knees would hurt so badly when I would try to lean over to touch the line that I couldn't do it! So, of course, I got yelled at, but I told Dell that I couldn't physically get there. By Thursday night, I was dying!!! Oh, my gosh!!!

Well, it helps having a sports medicine specialist in the family! Joy's son, Daniel, is a licensed sports trainer (correct me, Dan, if I didn't get this right!) To say the least, he knows a lot about sports injuries. And, I think he is dead on with the diagnosis of patellar tendonitis. The cause of patellar tendonitis is doing too much work too soon. My knees totally rebelled. My dominant right knee definitely hurts the worst, but my left knee hurts, too.

I may be misquoting Dan here, but he told me something to the effect of "I might have been too old for all of this running, etc. and basically, "what was I thinking?" LOL And, Dan, I totally agree with you and am now wondering the same thing! ; )

So, here I sit on the sofa in excruciating pain. I have been miserable today! The pain has gotten gradually worse since Thursday night. I am icing and taking ibuprofen, but I am wondering how long it will take for me to be able to walk around the house without reeling in pain! I have a new understanding for people who have bad knees!

I made it through nine days of boot camp, and I actually arrived early all nine days! That is a miracle in itself! But, my body wouldn't let me do any more. That really stinks, and I am disappointed that I am sidelined and can't finish right now. Now, it is just one day at a time with the rest and recovery. : (

About boot camp:

The trainer in the video was my trainer, Dell. He was a drill sergeant in the army for 26 years. One thing I thought was funny about boot camp was that they made us run from our cars all the way to the spot where we would warm up. And, after boot camp, we had to run all the way back to our cars even though we were dead tired! And, they held our car keys during the training session. So, we couldn't escape without them knowing! LOL

On a more positive note, I had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend in Blairsville! Family time is always the best time! :)