Friday, January 15, 2010

The Piercing

A few weeks ago, Hadrian announced to me that it was time for a new piercing. And, I am thinking surely not! Just how many holes does any one girl need in her ear? Well, she decided on a Friday night that she wanted the piercing done that night. So, I am working in the house, and the longer I work, the more she pouts. It had to be done that night! And, being the wonderful mother that I am, I gave in to her pouting episode, and stopped what I was doing. So, we both get in the car, and we are off to the tattoo parlor!

On the way, I am telling her that I don't care if her ear falls off, she is not to whine or complain to me about any pain. And, I was not going to watch the torture, either! I had witnessed all of her other piercings, one painful little pierce at a time. But, I was not going to watch this one because this one surely had to hurt like no other!

Well, we drove to a reputable tattoo parlor. I know it is reputable because we used to pass it every day, and they always had business out the kazoo. So, I figured it must be a good place; otherwise, they would have no customers, right? On the way, I am telling Hadrian that I surely hoped I didn't see anyone I knew because this is just normally not my scene.

We get there, Hadrian discusses with them what she wants to do, and I sign my life away because they surely can't puncture underaged kids without parental permission! While we are doing this, I was trying to ignore the screams coming from a room in the back.

I told them that Hadrian had to come just that night to get her piercing and couldn't wait. And, they told me that this is normal. That once you get it in your mind that you want a piercing, you have to do it right away or the feeling goes away and you lose your nerve. So, it was perfectly normal for her to force me to come that very night. Oh, so there is a psychological side to getting piercings. I wasn't aware!

We get done with all of this, and I turn around only to see someone I know! How nice that we bumped into each other at the tattoo parlor! Tom was there to get more ink, but I had to assure him that I wasn't getting any ink. This was Hadrian's deal!

So, I settle into watching tv and watched the streams of people coming through the door. I discovered that tattoo parlors are really busy on a Friday night! They must make some serious money in that place!

Well, Hadrian went back alone, and she finally came back out with her new piercing! We loved the guy who did her piercing. He was very knowledgeable and had a great personality. And, he told me he knew just the right place to pierce so he wouldn't hit a nerve that could cause serious damage. Seriously?! He tells me this after the piercing? But, if anyone needs a good piercer, we highly recommend this guy!

I had to stop by Kohl's on the way home, and all the way there, Hadrian is telling me she thinks her ear is filling up with blood. Well, isn't it convenient that Kohl's now has the makeup department and they just happened to have a stash of Q-tips sitting on the counter. So, while I am looking at the jewelry, Hadrian is standing in Kohl's swabbing massive amounts of blood out of her ear right in the midst of Christmas shoppers. Gross! I was truly hoping that no one caught on that she was with me. : )


Anonymous said...

LOL - I can only imagine Becky!!! I always wondered about the pain level of that one! I hope it healed well for her and very glad that you survived the ordeal!

joneshouse said...

Sorry - I did not mean for that to be annonymous lol!

Leah @ Point Ministries said...

Bless her sweet heart. I cannot even imagine. I have so little brain in my head that I'm afraid they might leak out if I had more than 2 holes in my ears!!!! LOL!!


Moose said...

Becky...I love reading your blog and the adventures with Hadrian. She reminds me of Clay, he's always into something and it just can't wait, we have to do it NOW! I may have to get the name of the tattoo parlor, as now he's 18 and he is determined to get a tattoo. I have tried to change his mind, but it doesn't look like that will happen and I want him to use a reputable place :)) Jamie

Cindy said...

It seems like that would hurt so bad! But I remember when I was a senior and I had to have a second hole in my ears. I couldn't wait either, so I did it myself, sitting on the bathroom counter. Numbed my ear with ice.

Haley said...

I am thinking about getting a tattoo, Mom. Will you come with me? :) jk.