Sunday, November 2, 2008

No Shave November

November has arrived!

I had the pleasure of driving to my mom and dad's house in Blairsville yesterday afternoon. Hadrian had a soccer game on the south side of Atlanta at noon, and we left from there to go to my dad's birthday party. I knew we would be a little bit late for the party, so we were trying to hurry. But, once I saw the beautiful fall leaves on the mountain, we just had to slow down. Even Hannah and Hadrian enjoyed looking at the leaves. Hadrian said she doesn't ever remember seeing the fall leaves on the mountain. And, I am immediately thinking of one more way I have allowed my children to be deprived because we are always just too busy. And, I honestly think she may be right! I can't remember driving through the mountains with her at the peak of leaf season! How sad!

But, for this day, we had the wonderful opportunity to enjoy the leaves. And, I suddenly turned into my dad. He always pointed out the beauty of nature (and made us look) when we were kids. And, I was doing the same thing to my kids. The red leaves were amazingly beautiful! So, I felt very blessed to experience this day with two of my girls, and it honestly relieved some of the stress that I have been feeling all week.

Now, to "No Shave November." My kids never fail to enlighten me. Hadrian explained to me that November is "No Shave November." This means that she and most of the kids at the high school do no shaving in November. And, I am thinking, "what the heck?!" Who came up with this wonderful idea?? I learned that this is kind of a universal concept and it is not just limited to her friends. And, yes, both girls and guys participate in this November experience. Where have I been? I have never heard of such a thing! But, now, I am thinking how cool Bryan has been all of these years. He has never shaved in November because he has always grown a beard in November for Thanksgiving week deer camp. Maybe he is actually the founder of the "No Shave November" ritual! And, to think that this idea has caught on and is actually being experienced by teens all over the planet! Amazing! : )

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