Tuesday, November 25, 2008

My Soccer Coaches

Well, I was afraid of this . . . long periods of time between blogs. We have been very busy at the Plott house.

This past weekend was really special because I had all of my girls home together. Haley came home for the weekend, and she brought her friend, Michelle. They are both in the education program. So, they do homework together, and they cry together, and they just spend lots of time together. Well, we all love Michelle. She blends right in. It was very nice to meet her, and I now call her Magnificent Michelle. Bryan was deer hunting, so it was nothing but girls at our house.

Haley was hired (meaning she gets paid! woo hoo!) back in the spring to coach in the academy program at Central Georgia Soccer Association. She went through the tryout process, picked her teams, did summer camps, and has worked with these girls all fall. I know she has taken these duties very seriously and has worked really hard. Well, she brought a team to the Forsyth Fusion tournament over the weekend, and they did well by coming in second place! This was their first tournament, and Haley was SO proud of her team. If you click on Haley's blog, you can see a picture of her sweet little team.

I only got to see her team play one game because I still have mom duties with Hadrian. But, it was so fun seeing Haley as coach instead of player. My how time flies. Hannah has been volunteer coaching this past year as well at Blue Springs Soccer Association. She coached a U6 team in the spring, and she had a U8 team this past fall. How cute are they!

I have to say that watching my girls coach is such a pleasure. They have transitioned from soccer players into responsible, organized, and talented coaches with great ease. I could not be more proud of my soccer coaches!! Haley and Hannah both earned their National License D certification over the summer. This was really hard work, and you have to perform extremely well to get the national certification as opposed to being state certified.

It is just so amazing how soccer has been and still is such a huge part of my girls' lives. Haley and Hannah still play on adult leagues, and of course, Hadrian is still playing club and high school soccer. And, Hannah and Hadrian have been refereeing this past fall season. So, they are earning soccer related money, as well.

It is a beautiful game! : )

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Haley said...

Soccer will always be apart of my life! :)