Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Honor Societies

Our middle child, the red head (as she is so affectionately known), has been getting all kinds of letters and post cards in the mail recently from different honor societies. Since I have collected a small stack of these, I wasn't sure what to do with them. Should she join? Should she not? Which ones should she join? Of course, they all want money, so we can't join all of these. And, since I was never a member of honor societies, I do not know anything about these. Well, thank goodness for the internet. I embarked on a little journey to research college honor societies and hopefully to learn more about these. The only thing I knew was that they all have such words as "Kappa," "Delta," "Alpha," "Sigma," etc. in their names. What does this mean?? I am feeling really stupid about all of this.

Well, lucky for me, I found the Association of College Honor Societies website. Apparently, this is the "honor societies for dummies" handbook. If the honor society isn't recognized by these people, then it apparently isn't good. The ACHS is the certifying agency and only promotes the credible honor societies. Thank goodness I found this! It answered all of my questions! And, we surely don't want to join a society that doesn't carry any clout - especially since they are taking our money to join! So, now I have the information I need to know which mail to throw in the trash.

As I said, this is all new to me. Hannah certainly isn't following in her parents footsteps on this one. No one ever invited her dad nor me to join their honor society. We were just average students. Nothing special. We thought just getting through our classes was special enough.

But, when you have a 4.0 grade point average, people suddenly take notice and want you to join their elite group with other high achievers. Hannah was recently chosen to be in the Honors Program at Georgia State. They showered her with GSU goodies, and now she gets special treatment while taking her classes - like early registration, special services, etc. Well, while we are ever so proud of how hard Hannah works, she is the exception at our house. None of the rest of us have the same drive for perfection as she does.

Hannah is just like her Aunt Joy. My sister, Joy, has these same qualities. It is funny how genetics work. Joy and Hannah - two peas in a pod. And, they even share the same numerical birthday - they both were born on the 4th day of their month. So, I claim that Joy's daughter, Sarah (my favorite niece on the planet), is just like me. Becky and Sarah - two peas in a pod. And, yes, we share the same numerical birthday, as well. We were both born on the 27th day of the month. So, there!!

All kidding aside, I am very proud of all of the academic accomplishments of Hannah and Joy. Joy just completed her Specialist degree (6th year) this past summer and will graduate soon. And, yes, she graduated with a 4.0. Like I said, two peas in a pod. : )


heeeydrian said...

you never write blogs about how great i am ):


love, your favorite

SocHan99 said...

That's because the blog would be empty Hadrian! haha, just kidding! :D

Unfortunately, I think my 4.0 will come to an end after this semester - unless there's a miracle from God. It's okay, though, I'll survive - grades are not everything (a great lesson I have learned over the years)! :)

Thanks for the blog Mom! Find any clubs I should join?!

Sarah said...

Yes, we are quite alike! What a super thing! Oh, and #27 rules!!!

Anonymous said...

Her dad is "well, slightly below average" ?????..........that's "well, a pretty crappy thing to say."

Anonymous said...

Actually, it is pretty funny . . . . for all those who know and love Bryan. I know it was not meant to be "crappy" in any way. Just an accurate and affectionate joke. :)