Sunday, November 9, 2008

No Shave November Week 2

No Shave November is progressing nicely. Hadrian makes me feel the results on her legs on a daily basis. Ugh!

We have had a very busy week, and I have had trouble finding time to blog. And, I really haven't had any revelations about something to write about. I think I will just resort to giving an update on the girls.

Haley has been SO busy with her education classes. She has never been as stressed as she has been this semester. Friday, she went with a group of fellow students to a teachers conference in Savannah for the weekend. I know this was a nice break from the routine, but it took her whole weekend.

Hannah had an accounting exam yesterday. All of the accounting students (around 1000) in Accounting I at Georgia State take the same exam at the same time. So, their exams are always on Saturday's. Hannah is always pulling all-nighters when she has an accounting exam. She finds them to be very hard, and the class average is never really good. Hannah has a study partner (Anna) for accounting and they always meet at the mall one day a week to do their homework together. This is really helpful.

Hadrian has had a busy week as usual. She made the JV basketball team at school, so she has had basketball practice every day. Yesterday, we went to the high school for "Meet the Rams." It was a fun day of meeting the teams and watching short scrimmage games. Hadrian went to a birthday party last night for a friend (Casey) from her soccer team. They went to a fancy smancy house at Lake Lanier and spent the night. She really enjoys hanging out with her soccer friends! '

Hadrian had an interview this week for the Governor's Honors Program. We were busy getting her resume ready and her clothes ready, etc. And, then I had to drive her to the interview early Wednesday morning and hang out for the whole morning until she finally got finished. We stopped at Frontera for lunch since she missed lunchtime at school (yummy). Hadrian has been stressed out about school as well. She so hates homework. She is just very unmotivated right now.

I will be glad when this semester is over for all of my kids! I am tired of them being in school. We all are very ready for a break. Thanksgiving is just around the corner - yippee!

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BUT I have done well in Accounting so far!! :)