Sunday, January 18, 2009

One Brave Chick

I want to share about a blog that I am following. I added the blog to my list if anyone is interested in checking it out. The author of this blog is definitely "one brave chick!"

I can't even remember how I first learned of the Schultz family. But, I have followed this mom for several years on her Caring Bridge website. As I told you before, I follow/have followed several kids over the years on Caring Bridge sites. Well, mom Katie Schultz, has had to live through more than most of us could bear. Katie has buried two beautiful baby daughters! She has mothered through two illnesses that ultimately took two of her precious children.

Katie is a wonderful writer who has shared the ups and downs of her journey. I have always enjoyed reading her posts! Katie has now founded an organization called "One Brave Chick" with two of her friends who are also very brave chicks.

Truly inspiring!!

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