Sunday, January 2, 2011


I will always remember 2010 for the coldest, most miserable winter in memory for me. Maybe it was SO long and cold because I was also dealing with a divorce right slap dab in the middle of it. Two very long and cold things coinciding at the same time result in misery. But, in the midst of being miserable, there were some amazing things that happened in 2010!! I have to admit that while it was hard to focus on my blessings, there were definitely blessings!! Looking back through the year, my biggest regret is that I didn't savor these blessings like I should have . . . it seemed as if I somehow just couldn't look nor feel past my own pain and grief. The joy for life just wasn't there . . . my motivation went somewhere . . . life as I knew it had ended . . . and I was floundering . . . desperate to regain my footing . . . and struggling for life to feel normal again.

One of the things that suffered was my blogging. My lack of blogging has not been due to a lack of time . . . it simply has been a lack of heart.

So, as I have reflected on the year, 2010, I am trying to focus on the positive . . . on those wonderful blessings that occurred . . . but I was just too miserable to enjoy. I will be blogging over the next week (or weeks) about the things that should have been fabulous blogging material through the year, but it just didn't happen.

I will start this blessing acknowledgement by first mentioning my parents and my sister . . . I would NOT have survived 2010 without them. Let me repeat, I would not have survived. How can I be so blessed to have continuous, unconditional love in my life? I have a family who has sacrificed in unbelievable ways . . . just to make sure that I have everything I need. I have a family who cries with me, prays over me, supports me, loves me, and has never questioned my worthiness for such things.

Seriously? Wow. You can't get more blessed than this!!


Leah @ Point Ministries said...


You do have a pretty wonderful family!! I pray that 2011 is a fresh start for you and that you will find blessing upon blessing in this year. Happy New Year, friend,


Anonymous said...

It so hard to get through such a loss..our losses look different..but they are so much the same! My loss occured in 2007 and I am still reeling from it! I am going to follow your lead for 2011 and look at the blessings I had and continue to have! Your writing is inspirational! Looking forward to Wednesday!