Monday, January 3, 2011

2010 New Additions

Continuing on with my reflections about the blessings of 2010 . . . there were two wonderful additions to our family.

Most of you know that I gained a new son-in-law . . . I did blog about this . . . Haley got married in March to Austin Walker. Austin is from the Warner Robins area. He graduated from Warner Robins High School, Mercer University in Macon, and he is now an engineer at the Warner Robins Air Force Base. Even though he comes with impressive credentials (ha), the most important one is that he is a great guy who loves my daughter . . . and she loves him . . . and they are a great match!! I am thrilled that he has joined our family!! : )

Austin, Haley, Tommy, and Carly

The second amazing addition to our family in 2010 was Stevie! My nephew, Daniel, got married in April. Most of you know that my sister, Joy, has a daughter and a son. And, with me having three girls, Daniel has been the only boy in the clan . . . and, we have enjoyed him SO much I might add!! ; )

Daniel married Stevie Lynn Kaspriskie . . . someone he has known since middle school. It seems they have been best friends for as long as I can remember! So, Dan truly married his best friend . . . and what a great addition she is to our family!! Stevie is loved by Dan's sister, Sarah, and by my three girls. When a girl gets the stamp of approval from four other girls, that says something . . . ; ) . . . . she is beautiful, smart, sweet, and she is now part of us. We all love her dearly!! She is exactly the person we would have chosen as a wife for Dan. Stevie is a nurse in the cardiac unit at Northside Forsyth . . . hopefully none of us will have the misfortune of visiting her at work . . ; )

Wedding in Antigua!

Austin and Stevie join Adam as the mates of the kids in our family. And, let me say they all three fit in perfectly . . . all 8 (5 kids plus 3 mates) love each other . . . they all can't wait to see each other . . . family time with these incredible kids is always full of joy . . . life doesn't get any better than when our entire family is together . . . what a blessing!!!


Cindy said...

You are so blessed with such a great family. BTW, my nephew is an engineer at Robins AFB also. His name is Scott Swartz.

Haley and Austin Walker said...

Cindy! That is my husband's best friend. They work right next to each other and went to Mercer together. SMALL WORLD!!!