Tuesday, September 8, 2009

My Little Family

I have always enjoyed seeing little people stuck on vehicle windows which represent the family that owns the car. Apparently, I oohed and aahed so much over these little people, that my girls picked up the hint and surprised me with a set this past Christmas. I was SO excited when I saw them! I couldn't wait to put them on my van!

You can see that the Daddy has tools and is wearing a tool belt (just like our daddy), and the Mommy is carrying a shopping bag (which is something this mommy loves to do!), the first girl child is holding an apple and a book which represents a teacher (Haley is majoring in education), the second girl is wearing a whistle which represents coaching and refereeing (Hannah does both), and the third girl is dressed like a soccer player (Hadrian is actively playing soccer), and then the sweet little cat represents our family pet, Scooter.

Well, this past weekend, our van was at Disney World in Orlando. We had to laugh at how amused people were with our little family. No matter where we went, foreign people would walk by our van and carry on conversations while pointing and looking at us. (By us, I mean our family stuck on the car). Of course, we had no idea what they were saying, but it was obvious they were chatting about our little family. The entire weekend, people were continually talking about us! Have people never seen these before? I am not sure what was so amusing, but it became amusing to us that people were so amused! I felt like we had a marked car!

One day, Hadrian and I were literally run down by a car at a redlight in Snellville. This lady was frantically yelling and waving at us! I finally rolled down my window only to find out that she wanted to know where we found our little people! Good grief! I thought something was terribly wrong for her to be so determined to get our attention! Well, we yelled at her that they were purchased "on line" just as the light changed and we all had to take off. Hadrian and I got a kick out of that.

Well, I love my little family stuck on my car. So, if you see us driving down the road, just honk and wave! We may not realize who you are, but we will realize that you know who we are by our little family stuck on our car! : )

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