Sunday, March 1, 2009

Rejoining the Living

Today is the first day in over three weeks that I have actually eaten food without being in severe pain or getting sick! Thank you, Jesus! Bryan brought me breakfast in bed this morning. He made me a pancake and a slice of bacon in hopes that I could actually eat today. It was delicious and I ate every bite. And, then I ate some pasta for dinner. Maybe I am finally getting better. This has been a very long three weeks - the sickest I have ever been with my Crohn's Disease. But, I know people have been praying for me to feel better, and today has been a turning point. Thank you very much for caring! I honestly feel like I have just rejoined the living.

I have had no cokes during this time - maybe it would be a good time to give these up permanently. : ( And, I have learned to like gatorade. I never drank it before I was sick, but I have had it every day since. I think it has saved me.

And, today was the most wonderful snow day! We just sat and watched the beautiful snow fall. The snow flakes were as big as goose feathers! This was the perfect snow. Fluffy and gorgeous, but gone in a day! I love to see one snow fall each winter, and then I am ready to move on to spring. I am thankful for the enjoyment my family received today from having snow! Haley even had snow all the way down in Warner Robins! She was so excited! But, Hannah totally missed it because she is in Florida for spring break. She is probably not really caring that she missed the snow since she is on the beach.

Today was a great day - feeling better and snow all in the same day. And, we had movie night at home tonight. Bryan, Hadrian, and I watched the Holiday. This was the first time we have seen it, and we enjoyed it.

Optimistic for better days this week . . .

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Cindy said...

Hi Becky,

Glad you are feeling better. Prayimg for you.