Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Big Flare Up

On Monday night, I had a wonderful visit with two of my old college friends. First friend, Camille, was one of my roommates at Berry College. Camille flew here from California to visit with her family for a week. She now lives in the wonderful state known for its earthquakes, wildfires, and celebrity governor. Her job took her to California a few years back. She is a consultant with a fancy smancy title that I can't remember. But, the bottom line is that she is smart enough to interpret IRS tax codes for pension plans. Can you imagine? Just the thoughts of trying to interpret and implement any kind of IRS tax laws would make me run far far away as fast as I could. But, she is a rare breed with a rare job. I think she should just move back to Georgia and hang a shingle (she has a law degree). Well, maybe someday. It was so good to hear that her family is doing well.

Second friend, Mary Clare, was one of the first people I met at Berry College. She and I lived in the clinic together before we were given permanent housing. We actually slept in hospital beds which probably were more comfortable than the beds we eventually ended up with in the dorms. Mary Clare went to law school with Camille for a year. But, she then decided that instead of becoming a lawyer herself she would just marry a lawyer. You probably do not want to know her husband being that he is a federal prosecutor. She and prosecutor hubby have four children that keep Mary Clare very busy. They live in Alpharetta, and it was great catching up on her family as well.

The three of us ate at PF Changs at the Mall of Georgia on an extremely cold night. It was yummy!

And, then the dreaded flare up. I just haven't felt that well all of 2009. I have been very tired, have had oozy eyes, and I have been having more tummy problems than usual. The signs were there that a big one was coming. By Thursday, I was so sick! I should have gone to the hospital, but I was determined to deal with this at home. My last flare up cost me about $4,000 for a night in the hospital emergency room. So, not this time! Thursday night was absolutely miserable. I can't remember when I have had so much pain, and I had the dreaded night sweats. Other people with Crohn's Disease talk about these, but I have not had the privilege of experiencing night sweats until Thursday. And, I hope I never have to experience night sweats again! Good grief! Well, I lived through the night, but I am still trying to recover. It is now Sunday night, and I still have not eaten any solid foods. It will probably take at least several more days to be able to eat. And, my stomach continues to hurt so badly! Even though Crohn's people always have tummy problems, major flare ups just randomly happen. I believe the last major flare up I had was about three years ago. And, my dear sweet mom actually stayed with me and took care of our family until the crisis passed. My poor family didn't have the luxury of my mom's help this go round.

Poor Hadrian needed to buy a suit for her state governor's honors interview on Saturday. She drove me to Kohl's Friday night. I sat in the car in my pajamas while this poor baby went in Kohl's with my credit card and bought her a new suit all by herself. She did a fantastic job! And, Bryan had to drive her to the interview on Saturday because I wasn't able to go. And, the girls and Bryan have totally fed themselves for the past several days. And, they are alive and doing well. : ) And, not to mention that I haven't been able to work or go places. But, hopefully, we will get back to normal soon. (At least my special evening at PF Changs wasn't ruined)!

Things can only go up from here!


Cindy said...

Hi Becky,

I am so sorry that you had a flare up. You are being prayed for.


Amy said...

I hope you're in remission soon!