Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sorghum Goes to College

Hadrian recently got settled into her college dorm room at Georgia Southwestern State University in Americus. She moved in early for soccer preseason. Her roommate is Jordyn, another soccer player, and they are living in a freshman dorm.

Hannah, Hadrian, and I arrived on move-in day with all of the crap that one needs to survive in college.  Hadrian actually had to head to the soccer field for training, so Hannah organized like an organizing maniac, getting Hadrian's room put together.  This is right up Hannah's alley!  Anyone who has ever seen Hannah's closet knows that she is the right person for the mission!  She informed Hadrian . . . . "just so you know, SISTER, I am not doing this because of my love for you, I am doing this because I like to" . . . but let's be honest here . . . she would be horrified if Hadrian's room wasn't put together the way it should be.  Fine by me . . . I was thrilled to relinquish the duty!  I turned Hannah loose to do what Hannah does best . . . organize!

Jordyn's room is on the left.  Hadrian's is on the right.

The finished room . . . we still have a few finishing touches to do . . . like add some posters.  : )

When did a Wii System and a gumball machine get added to the list of things to take to college?  ; )

Hadrian in her room.

Hadrian took her fish, Sorghum, to college with her! Hopefully, the little fishy will survive the move . . . this fish has amazing survival stories.  Hadrian went to the Sorghum Festival in 2009, and won this goldfish.  Yes, I did say 2009. Sorghum is almost two years old. And, he has survived absolutely deplorable fishbowl conditions to amazingly clean fishbowl conditions (see photos) . . . ha ha . . . this is what happens when your owner is a teenager who wavers between taking care of things and not taking care of things.   Sorghum made the trip to college and survived for about 2 days in a styrofoam McDonald's cup before finally landing in his wonderfully clean fish bowl.  He goes everywhere Hadrian goes.  This is his 3rd move in two years.  He is a real trooper!

Sorghum has been forgotten to be fed more times than it could be fishly possible. But, he is still alive . . . and still going strong!  Hadrian's friends never understood why her fish had such a weird name . . . um, Sorghum?!  I guess you must need some past experiences in Blairsville before you understand the name.  : )  It is just interesting to me that kids have never even heard the word.

The bathroom. Sorghum is living on the counter.

Sorghum posing for a photo.  Notice the very amazingly clean fishbowl conditions.  : )

Now, notice the absolutely deplorable fishbowl conditions!  This is how the fish bowl looked just before we left for college.  Sorry, Hadrian . . . I had to sneak a picture.  There is probably one inch of water in the bottom of the bowl and enough fish fungus on the sides to kill anything . . . . except the fish.

So, Hadrian is settled in at college, and Sorghum is settled in, too.  I hope they both adjust well to dorm life.  : ) 


Leah @ Point Ministries said...

I totally GET the name 'Sorghum' and I love it. Poor little guy. Sounds like he is one tough customer. Wow, I'm very impressed with Hadrian's room. Can't believe that she has a whole room to herself. When I was in college I share a room that size with another girl. Lucky Hadrian.

Becky, I noticed that my blog is not updating in your sidebar. It is because I have a new website and you will have to go in and update the web address in your sidebar.

Sarah said...

It is a miracle Sorgie is still alive! I thought he'd be long gone by now. 2 years for a goldfish? What a miracle. Maybe he is not really a goldfish but rather Hadrian's guardian angel in disguise. How else can it be explained? Really!