Thursday, June 23, 2011

May 7th - Celebrating the High Achievers

May 7th was a very special day!  The two high achievers in the family graduated on the same day.  How very appropriate!  The only problem was that our family had to split ways.  Joy's family traveled up to Tennessee to celebrate with Joy, and my family traveled to Atlanta to celebrate with Hannah. 
I SO wish I could have witnessed Joy being "hooded." She has worked so hard  for years to earn her doctorate degree.  I am not sure how we all survived  . . . yes, Joy was doing the hard work, but we were all stressing with her . . . every step of the way.  Thank goodness that she has a saint for a husband who was patient enough to endure such a feat.  Everyone in our family was literally singing "hallelujah" the day we  learned that she would be earning her degree! My dad was very proud of Joy's accomplishment.  I am really happy he saw her achieve this goal before he passed away.

Dr. Joy Collins Kitchens
Doctor of Education, Executive Leadership
Lincoln Memorial University, Harrogate. Tennessee
Joy was the first person EVER to walk across the stage and receive a doctorate degree at this university! 

Joy's Family
Daniel, Dr. Joy, Alaina, Gary, and Sarah

While Dr. Joy's family was celebrating in Tennessee, my family was celebrating in Atlanta. It was a full day! It all started with a brunch to celebrate the honor graduates at Georgia State.

Hannah received her Honor Graduate cord at the morning brunch!
Hannah graduated Summa Cum Laude - impressive!! 

Hannah got ready for graduation after her brunch.  My gosh!  What are all those cords for??

This is our favorite graduation picture!  While the graduates were marching in, everyone in the audience was trying to spot their graduate.  Hannah turned the tables and zoomed in on us while we were looking for her!
All in a row:  Me (holding my camera), Hadrian, and Hannah's friends (Mariella, Samantha, and Eric - in the yellow shirt). We were all in a row. 
At least we weren't waving like the man in the green coat behind us!  LOL

Graduation was at the Georgia Dome.  There are A LOT of seats down there!!

Jimmy Carter was the commencement speaker.  His speech started out great but quickly deteriorated when he went off on a political agenda.  He lost me on universal health care. 

The most fun part of graduation!  The massive explosion of streamers!

Hadrian, Hannah, and Mom
Hannah is an official graduate of Georgia State University!  Yay!!
Bachelor of  Business Administration in Marketing and International Business

Last photo opp with the Panther! 

What a long day!!  After the graduation ceremony was over, the celebration continued with a fun graduation party, but that is a blog for another day!!  

I am VERY proud of our May 7th graduates! 

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Leah @ Point Ministries said...

What a day!! Congratulations to all! You are so right. A graduation means that many people in the family have survived the long years of study!!