Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Grand Theft Auto: Grayson

Tuesday Morning

As I do every school morning, I heard the door close as Hadrian left the apartment for school. A few minutes later, I heard her come back in and announce "mom, my car has been stolen." Huh?! What?!

Again, huh?! What?! It took me a while to wake up and absorb what I was hearing. This couldn't be real. Not happening!! I am dreaming, right?! Someone pinch me please.

This required action!! I jumped up out of bed and threw on some clothes before I went out with Hadrian and stared at the empty parking space. Sure enough, Hadrian's car was gone. GONE. Not there. NADA. No car. Not where she parked it the night before. I kept trying to kick my brain in gear and think what really could have happened here?! But, it wasn't kicking in gear.

I have to admit I was looking around the parking lot making sure the car hadn't rolled somewhere. And, I had to think of all the possibilities that could have happened IF Hadrian had possibly had one of her blonde moments.

I told Hadrian I would drive her to school and then I would "deal" with it. So, on the way to school, I am interrogating my youngest . . . did you owe somebody money? . . . . who have you pissed off? . . . . . you are not involved in drugs, are you?!!!

Wow. The things that ran through my mind! Then, I asked if this wasn't possibly some goofy butt senior prank?!!! Of course, she is saying, NO, MOM!! None of the above!!

So, Hadrian and I were trying to absorb the loss at hand. Her car, which is not so great, but it is a car . . . that runs . . . and gets her where she needs to go. And, we knew we didn't have the money to replace this car!! All of her school books were in there . . . probably $500 or more to replace them. Her school binder was in the car . . . irreplaceable! She had just put gas in her car - of course! And, she had $15 cash in her console. None of this sounds so bad . . . but, when you can't replace these things, it is worse than bad.

So, I got home, and the fun begins . . . calls to Gwinnett County Police Department, calls to the apartment complex office, text messages to the sisters and dad, phone calls to the grandparents, talking to all of the neighbors, meeting with the apartment police, calls to insurance agent, etc. etc. etc. And, of course, texting Hadrian constantly with updates while she was surely paying full attention in class. ; ) As soon as I picked her up from school, she had to file her own police report since she is the vehicle owner.

About 5 p.m., Hadrian got the phone call from the police department. They had located her car!! Yes!! Yeah!! Yay!! So, even though we couldn't get cash out of the bank in time to pick up the car that night, Hadrian and I took off to Lilburn to check out the car. She felt better seeing it and just knowing that it was still in one piece. And, she was at least allowed to get her stuff out for school the next day! I am not sure how long Hadrian's teachers were willing to accept the "my homework was stolen" excuse. ; )

Wednesday morning, we retrieved the car . . . thanks to her Pa and Babelle who gave Hadrian the money to get it out of captivity.

Without going into the details of what happened, who did it and why, where the car was found, etc., let me just say that Hadrian is just a little bit freaked out. Management from the apartment complex sent someone out immediately to change our locks so Hadrian can sleep at night! The person who stole and made a copy of her car key probably copied her apartment key as well.

I cut and pasted the following quote from a blog I was reading:

Waltraud Carter blogged about being robbed:

If you have never been in this situation – and I hope you haven’t and never will be – it is the most intense and sickening feeling I have ever had! You feel so violated, powerless, and helpless! And you go through all those emotions, ranging from being angry to being mad, or sad or scared or helpless, and everything in between.

Thanks to Hadrian's sisters who helped us get through the day and brought Hadrian SO much comfort. It is great that Haley watches SO much CSI . . . as she assured me . . . she has GOT this. Haley and Austin have got us covered and protected from any future incidents. And, Hannah prayed so hard that I am sure this is why the car was recovered in the first place. : )

Sometimes we just have to wonder why things happen. I sometimes look at Hadrian and wonder how much more one kid can take. But, she continues to hang tough. She has a couple of guy friends who tell her that she is their hero. She just keeps getting knocked down and getting back up!

She is my hero as well. Without a doubt.